Welcome to digital employment

Enjoy the flexibility of a freelancer without losing access to social security. This page will guide you through how it works.

digital employment

Your meploy profile

When you sign-up you receive a light-account. You can quickly update for free to a Pro-account, something that will allow you to apply to all jobs on meploy, and access the Community Bonus Program. Light accounts can only apply to certain jobs.

Find work

There are two ways of getting work on meploy. Apply to ploys on the board, or receive a direct request from a company. All profiles are searchable by skills, and if you have worked with a company, you’re automatically put on their “My staff” list.


Contract & employment

You receive a contract on your email within three weeks after your first ploy, or within a week if you start a long-term mission. When you work via meploy you’re hired by us, but under instructions of the company you work for.

get paid


By the end of each month you receive your salary to your account by choice, and salary slip to your eBoks. If the company you have worked for have a pension plan, or special supplements, you receive them as well - just as if you were employed there. You have by law the same rights to compensation as the regular staff performing similar work.

Need help?

See below the most common questions, and please visit our helpcenter. If you can’t find the answer, email us!

Who pays out my salary

You are employed by meploy and we pay your salary. Your paycheck will be send to your e-Boks.

Is it free to sign up on meploy?

Yes! It's even free to upgrade your profile to Pro, which gives you access to our Community Bonus Program.

How do I increase my chances of finding work on meploy?

The best way to increase your chances of finding work via meploy is to have an inviting and updated profile. Make sure to have a professional profile picture, and write a bit about yourself and your skill sets

How old do you have to be to sign up on meploy?

You have to be at least 18 years old to create an account on meploy