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What do you need help with?


• Assembly line operator
• Quality assurance
• Packaging


• Packers
• Pickers
• Forklift drivers



• Movers
• Drivers
• Forkliftdrivers


• office assistants
• Receptionists
• Researchers


• Serving staff
• kitchen assistants
• Bartenders


Smart & flexible staffing solutions

We are here to help your business grow, and our goal is that you spend as little time as possible thinking about temps and, well us. If you are not saving time and spending less resources on staffing than before, we have not succeeded in our mission. With over 25.000 temporary workers all over Denmark, we can quickly fill any need.

Growth Consultants

Our team of local Growth Consultants work with you to define your needs, understand your culture, and recruit the right team. They interview, verify documents and onboard all the temps to ensure a smooth start. Their goal is to continuously optimize your team. Success is when you hire one of the temps.

post a ploy

Our secret is how we recruit

We are where our temps are, and we are always next to them – in their phone. There is no secret that the world is going mobile, and we have from day one built our practices and operations to be 100% mobile. We are experts in social media recruitment and building a good working culture. 40% of our temps have joined via recommendations from other active meployees.


Smart staffing

Unlike a traditional temp agency, you don’t just get access to a client portal to plan and book temps. We use big data analytics to optimize recruitment and work performance. This way we can pro-actively use data to suggest improvements. We call this Smart Staffing. That also means you can always see your bookings and get whatever report you need at any time.

my staff

Good quality, fast and low cost

We have developed our own staffing platform that significantly lowers our operations cost why we can offer exceptional service at low cost. On top of that, our temps know what they will earn before they start a shift, and we can be 100% transparent.

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Choose a smarter staffing solution

Boost your business operations with meploy while reducing your staffing costs. Our team and community of temp workers are ready to help you already tomorrow. With a 98,1% deliverability rate we look forward working with you and smoothen your everyday.


If you can’t find an answer below to your question please shoot over an email to [email protected] and we’ll get back to you asap.

How do I book staff with you?

You can call your meploy Growth consultant, email, or even use our staffing platform where you can choose who to book and see in real-time booking statuses.

What is the difference between you and a normal temp agency?

Nothing and at the same time everything. We’ve built our own temp platform that is optimized after our clients businesses and temps needs.

How much does it cost?

The classic economic answer: it depends. Our goal is lower your cost and we have volume discounts.

Do you follow collective agreements?

Yes, every single one. Our system can manage all agreements. On top of it, we share 10% of our profits with everyone that works via us, ensuring our temps stay long time with meploy.