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With local departments we can assure an engaged & effective local workforce.

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Book by day, or long-term - whatever fits your business operations the best.

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Follow in real-time bookings, choose temps and access over 25.000 workers.

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Industries we cover



• Assembly line operator
• Quality assurance
• Packaging


• Packers
• Pickers
• Forklift drivers


• Sales associates
• Cashiers
• Wrappers



• Movers
• Drivers
• Forkliftdrivers


• office assistants
• Receptionists
• Researchers


Qualified & motivated workers

We can provide your company with up to 1000 temporary workers per day - ready to start now. We handle screening, interviews, assessments and tailor them to your requirements.

my staff

Cutting-edge digital platform

Unlike a traditional temp agency, you don’t just get access to a client portal to plan and book temps. We use big data analytics to optimize recruitment and work performance. This way we can pro-actively use data to suggest improvements. We call this Smart Staffing.

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Automated reports & Excel

Get booking overviews from home, or from your phone. Reporting tools keep track of usage and helps you optimise your usage of temporary workers. All data can be swiftly downloaded to Excel.

collective agreement

Temporary work law & compliance

With full transparency you can see what your temporary workers receives in salary. We don’t hide anything! meploy is a member of DI since 2018 and we comply to all Collective Agreements.



We are keen on continuing developing a solution that suits your needs. We have an API and can share data to your internal systems in order to ensure you don’t have to use multiple systems to manage your workforce.

Companies using meploy

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Shifting to meploy can save you up to 15 days per year in staffing administration. Our clients experience less calls, fewer follow-ups and less time spending approving shifts and managing temporary workers. All to a cost that is approximately 20% lower than a traditional temp agency.


If you can’t find an answer below to your question please visit our helpcenter, or email us and we’ll get back to you asap

How do I book staff with you?

Call, email or post a job on the meploy platform and we'll take care of the rest.

What is the difference between you and a temp agency?

Nothing and at the same time everything. Just like a temp agency we employ everyone working via us, but the rest is handled by automated process and algorithms. Why you can see your agency fee reduced by up to 70%.

How much does it cost?

You pay a fixed price per hour to us, regardless if it is day, night or evening shift. And to the temporary worker, the same as to your employees.

Why are you a community?

We share 10% of our profits with everyone that works via us, and we share a mindset of high quality and standard.