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Find quality warehouse workers with experience in packing, picking and emptying containers. Whether you need over 100 temporary workers, or just one, you'll find local, reliable and high quality temp staff quickly on meploy.



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How do I book staff with you?

Post a job on the meploy platform and we'll take care of the rest. You only have to choose the right candidate.

What is the difference between you and a temp agency?

Nothing and at the same time everything. Just like a temp agency we employ everyone working via us, but the rest is handled by automated process and algorithms. Why you can see your agency fee reduced by up to 70%.

How much does it cost?

You pay a fixed price per hour to us, regardless if it is day, night or evening shift. And to the temporary worker, the same as to your employees.

Why are you a community?

We share 10% of our profits with everyone that works via us, and we share a mindset of high quality and standard.